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About us

Innovating Field Line Marking for Sports Enthusiasts

Sport it Out’s TinyLineMarker┬« robots offer fast, accurate line marking for over 200 field types, from school fields to professional stadiums.

Our values

Our Core Values



We deliver dependable and consistent field marking solutions for all sports venues.



We continuously advance sports field maintenance through cutting-edge technology.



Accurate and detailed line markings ensure top-quality sports fields every time.

Empower Your Fields with

State-of-the-Art Line Marking Solution

Why Choose Us

Our Unique Value Proposition

Sport it Out guarantees top-notch field marking solutions with these USPs:

Autonomous GPS Technology

Enjoy precise line markings day or night, in any weather, with 100% autonomous GPS technology.

Versatile Line Marking

Our robots cater to all field types, ensuring professional results for any sports venue.

Efficiency & Precision

Say goodbye to manual measuring and hello to unparalleled efficiency and precision in field marking.

What Our Customers Say

The TinyLineMarker® robot transformed our field maintenance process, delivering perfect markings every time.

– John Smith

Sport it Out’s line marking robot saved us time and effort, providing flawless results consistently.

– Emily Brown

We are impressed with the precision and speed of Sport it Out’s line marking robots; truly a game-changer.

– Jessica Miller

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